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Softweb Solutions is an AWS mobile app development company offering apps that offer a great user experience and business insights by using the full arsenal of AWS mobile tools.

Our AWS developers are capable enough to build, deploy and optimize feature-rich mobile applications by combining tools such as AWS Mobile Hub, AWS Mobile SDKs, Amazon Cognito and Amazon Mobile Analytics and more.

You can integrate a set of highly scalable capabilities in your AWS mobile apps such as search, streaming, monitoring, app testing, data warehousing, and machine learning without any need for additional infrastructure.

AWS mobile services we offer includes

iOS app development

Get quick access to a suite of services like user authentication, backend logic, content delivery, data storage, push notifications, testing, analytics etc.

Cross-platform Xamarin apps

Build cross-platform C# apps using Xamarin. The AWS Mobile SDK for Xamarin offers your Xamarin apps access to various AWS services.

Android app development

Avail a wide set of Android related detailed guides, code samples, libraries, and documentation to help you in developing Android apps.

App testing on numerous real devices

You can carry out your application testing on wide-range of real smartphones and tablets by using AWS Device Farm.

Integrate push notification in your app

Make use of the push notifications mobile backend as a service feature to include mobile messaging to your mobile app.

Migrating mobile apps to AWS

Move your mobile applications, analytics and push notifications running on your existing platform to Amazon Web Services cloud.

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Features of Amazon Mobile Services

User sign-in

With the help of Amazon Cognito, integrate and authenticate user sign-in, and data synchronization to your applications via multiple social platforms login.

NoSQL Database

Store and query your application by using a comprehensive cloud database Amazon DynamoDB that offers quick and consistent service to any size.

Push Notifications

Offer great user engagement by shooting out push notifications to your users or customers in any number with the help of Amazon SNS.

User data storage and synchronization

By using Amazon S3 and Amazon Cognito cloud you can store and sync user data like profiles, game progress, setting and user files such as photos and music.

Mobile App Analytics

With Amazon Mobile Analytics collect and analyze your app usage metrics, engagement reports and export your app data to Amazon S3 or Amazon Redshift for more evaluation.

Application Testing

Use AWS Device Farm to enhance the quality of your Android, iOS, and web apps by testing them on diverse real tablets and phones in the AWS Cloud.

Cloud infrastructure

With AWS Lambda no need of provisioning and managing backend. Upload simple client SDK for server side code to operate directly from your mobile app.

App Content Delivery

Store your media files on the cloud and use a CDN to allocate content to your users with low latency and high transfer speed with Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront.



Better Alerts was looking for a solution to help senior citizens live independently. They wanted to build a solution that would enable healthcare professionals and family members to remotely monitor patients and old people living alone. Softweb Solutions developed the cross-platform app that communicates with the Pebble watch and enables the patient or caregiver to manage their emergency contacts and medicine alerts. The caregiver also receives notifications for medicine, activities, dementia fence and fall detection.

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Softweb Solutions Inc. is a tech consulting and development company with offices in Chicago and Dallas. We work with organizations across the world to implement the best-of-breed solutions and processes to help them meet their business challenges. Over a decade of experience with the world’s leading companies has given us the expertise to offer Internet of Things solutions, data services, build artificial intelligence based applications and digital experiences.

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