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Softweb Solutions is an AWS monitoring service provider offering real-time monitoring that supports operating system platforms, storage, processors, databases and network to identify any odd changes or activity that could affect operational health and performance. Our experienced team will integrate an intuitive set of open source monitoring tools on your AWS platform to offer you comprehensive information and statistics for your service.

There are various AWS monitoring tools available, such as CloudTrail, Amazon Cloudwatch, AWS Config and more. These tools are useful to monitor Amazon EC2, other AWS resources, custom metrics, stored logs, to set alarms, to view graphs and statistics and to automatically respond to changes in your AWS resources.

AWS Monitoring Services That We Offer

Mobile, Website & Synthetic Monitoring

Mobile, Website and Synthetic Monitoring

Public and Private Cloud Monitoring

Public and Private Cloud Monitoring

Application Performance Monitoring

Application Performance Monitoring

Server and Network Monitoring

Server and Network Monitoring

Some AWS Monitoring Service Tools We Use


With Amazon CloudWatch, you can collect, check, set reminders, and automatically react to alterations in your AWS resources like Amazon DynamoDB tables, Amazon EC2 instances, and Amazon RDS DB instances. Maintain smooth functioning of your apps with holistic visibility of resource utility, and performance.


By using Amazon CloudTrail you can get AWS API calls history of your account, including calls made with the help of AWS management console, AWS SDKs, command line tools, and more. The AWS API call history produced by CloudTrail helps in security analysis, tracking changes in resource, and compliance auditing.

AWS Config
AWS Config

With AWS Config, you can find out existing and removed AWS resources, evaluate your overall compliance against rules, and dig into configuration details of a resource anytime. These capabilities will help you in compliance auditing, resource change tracking, security analysis as well as troubleshooting.

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Amazon Web Services Monitoring

Single point for all, whether it is monitoring cloud, physical, or virtual infrastructure.

Monitor Applications

Monitor applications hosted in the cloud as well as the on-premises data center.

Amazon Cloud Resources

Guaranteed high uptime and peak performance of your Amazon cloud resources.

Cloud Computing Environment

Get proactive insights about the performance of your cloud computing environment, and fix issues early.

AWS Monitoring

Ensure accurate capacity planning for cloud environment based on performance metrics.

Automatic Monitoring Solution

Automatic monitoring solution which is effortless to set up as well as simple to manage.

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