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AWS AI services can bring image recognition and visual search, natural language understanding, text-to-speech, automatic speech recognition, and machine learning technologies within reach of every industry sector and business out there.

With artificial intelligence and machine learning, the deep learning capabilities extend from identifying more relationships than defined in their code to detecting relationships that even humans might not be able to perceive consciously.

AWS AI Services we offer includes

Amazon Rekognition (Image recognition and analysis)

Amazon Rekognition enables applications to have sophisticated deep learning based image recognition and visual search capabilities.

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Amazon Lex (Conversational interface)

Amazon Lex makes it easy to create conversational interfaces with the use of natural language processing and automatic speech recognition.

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Amazon Polly (Text-to-speech)

Amazon Polly can empower speech-enabled products by converting text into speech and synthesizing sounds like a human voice.

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Amazon Machine Learning

Amazon Machine Learning eliminates the need to learn complex ML algorithms by offering visualization tools and wizards to create ML models.

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  • Amazon Rekognition

    AWS AI services can bring image recognition and visual search, natural language understanding, text-to-speech, automatic speech recognition, and machine learning technologies within reach of every industry sector and business out there.


    AI centric

    Amazon Rekognition keeps AI and deep learning technologies at its core. This enables your applications to identify new objects with higher accuracy and get improved facial analysis.

    Easy integration

    Amazon Rekognition API offers an easy way to integrate image recognition capabilities with your applications without requiring deep learning expertise or computer vision.

    Scalable image analysis

    Get a consistent response time while processing all the images, no matter the volume of the analysis requests that you make.

    Seamless integration with AWS services

    Rekognition is designed in such a manner so as to easily integrate with other AWS services such as AWS Lambda and Amazon S3.

    Use Cases

    • Searchable image library to discover scenes and objects within images.
    • Face comparison to verify user identity for better security.
    • Sentiment analysis with the detection of face attributes and demographics.
    • Recognize a face by storing face metadata, using IndexFaces API function.

  • Amazon Polly

    With Amazon Polly, you can convert a bulk of text into lifelike speech. It uses advanced deep learning technologies in order to synthesize speech that mimics a human voice. Polly can be used to make applications that offer better user experience, eliminating the need of using a screen for consuming information.


    Human like voice

    Amazon Polly offers 47 lifelike voices that are spread in 24 different languages, which includes a wide range of male and female voices with multiple accents.

    Responses without delay

    Polly ensures fast response time while delivering lifelike voices from text and developing conversational user interface. With Polly, all the voice-enabled apps play synthesized speech, eliminating any kind of delay.

    Store and replay

    Amazon’s text-to-speech service provides unlimited replays without any additional charges. These free replays can also be stored in form of standard formats like OCG or MP3 and can be used even when offline.

    Hassle-free conversion

    With Polly, one can start right away by simply writing the text that needs to be converted into speech, without having to go through a lengthy approval process or having to sign distribution agreements.

    Use Cases

    • Customer contact centers can use Polly to respond using natural sounding voices.
    • Allow visually impaired people to consume more information.
    • Can be used as a language learning tool to learn foreign languages.
    • Can add speech to IoT devices, making them more user friendly.

  • Amazon Lex

    Amazon Lex brings the deep learning technologies that power Amazon Alexa within reach of developers, allowing them to create a sophisticated conversational interface that recognizes the context of the provided text and thus build applications with better user experience.


    Make use of AWS platform and services

    Amazon Lex comes with built-in integration with AWS services including AWS Lambda, AWS MobileHub, and Amazon CloudWatch. Additionally, it also allows you to use the power of AWS platform in terms of security, user authentication, storage, and monitoring.

    Better scalability

    Amazon Lex console is a one stop shop to build, test, and deploy your chatbots. Amazon Lex being a fully managed service, you don’t need to worry about provisioning additional hardware and infrastructure for enhanced bot experience.

    Cost effective

    Amazon Lex offers a pay as you go pricing policy, so that users are charged only for the requests that are made. There are no commitments or any upfront cost associated with this service, making it more cost effective.

    Ease of use

    Amazon Lex console provides easy-to-follow guidelines to create your own chatbot within a few minutes and adding those conversational interfaces in your applications.

    Use Cases

    • Build customized chatbots that can be integrated with applications
    • Chatbots that are powered with natural language understanding and speech recognition
    • Create conversational interfaces for all the connected devices that are part of the IoT system
    • Carry out some of the mundane tasks with the help of chatbots, saving time for more productive work

  • Amazon Machine Learning

    Amazon Machine Learning offers wizards and visualization tools to guide the users through the entire process of building machine learning models. This service eliminates the need to learn complex machine learning algorithms and technology and allows users to directly get started.


    Build ML models

    Amazon Machine Learning provides built-in data processors, interactive data and model visualization tools, and scalable machine learning algorithms to help you create ML models easily and quickly.

    Get quick predictions from models

    As soon as ML model is ready, you can gain predictions for your applications without investing the time and capital in building, scaling, and maintaining the ML infrastructure.

    Lower cost

    With Amazon Machine Learning, there’s no upfront installation cost and the users can pay as they scale from a smaller package to a bigger one and grow into a popular application.

    Make use of proven technology

    Amazon ML service is based on the ML technology that is used by Amazon in order to perform critical operations such as detecting fraudulent transactions, supply chain management, and product catalog organization.

    Use Cases

    • Build predictive models that can detect potentially fraudulent transactions
    • Predict customer churn so as to engage them with personalized promotions
    • Provide better customer support to address customer concerns
    • Identify customer feedback and categorize them as positive, negative, or neutral



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