Build apps and infrastructure in the cloud with Softweb and Amazon Web Services

Softweb Solutions is Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting Partner specialized in offering innovative cloud infrastructure as IaaS. We have an extensive amount of experience in adapting present technologies and in providing end-to-end cloud services which include advisory, enablement and managed services that Amazon offers.

Our team comprises of technical engineers and architects who have hands-on experience in designing, building and operating highly scalable environments based on Amazon Web Services. Whether your business belongs to insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, media, real estate, financial services, retail, or educational industry, we are all set to help you make the most out of the extensive capabilities of Amazon Web Services.

How we work

Although our consulting service is quite customizable in nature, we follow a general workflow with all our new clients:

Initial assessment
Initial assessment

We will have an in-depth discussion about your project and offer an estimate of the expected initial engagement cost.

Thorough analysis
Thorough analysis

We will examine your existing infrastructure and offer a plan based on recommended best practices.


Based on your requirement, we can either support your team in implementing the plan or perform the entire process for you.

Maintenance and support
Maintenance and support

We then check your ongoing needs to create a maintenance package that best fits your requirements as well as budget.



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    Years Software Development Experience

  • 1000+

    Successful Projects Delivered

We don't work on every technology under the sun, but we come pretty close!

Softweb Solutions has a team of expert developers, scientists and analysts to offer best-in-class services to SMBs and large enterprises. We cater to all your technology needs and provide top-notch Internet of Things, Data Science, Enterprise Mobility and open source solutions to make your workplace smarter.

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